Xerox Document Centre 425 Driver

Windows Vista, X64, Server 2003, Server X64, XP X64, 2000, 98, Me, 95, NT 4.0, NT 3.5x, NT 3.1x, 3.1x, 3.x, Machintosh OS X, Machintosh 9, 8, 7, UNIX, Sun Solaries, Linux, SAP R/3.

The Xerox Document Centre 425 printer is a multi-functional and multi-tasking device. It’s has outstanding performance and productivity in its class. ItĀ improves the coverage of text and graphics images, ease of installation and maintenance of your network environment fully multifunctional: print, copy, scan, optional e-mail, fax, and connects to virtually any network and supports most versions of the original print delivery and monitoring of print jobs and status of the device e-mail anywhere in the options can be easily e-mail server for a fast, reliable, secure and high-speed document distribution network with optional fax fax server integration walk up faxing and hardcopy output, and received a fax from small working office multifunction, multi-mandate to promote productivity and a continuous function of assets and provide supply and maintenance costs that allow you to design units of the system on the current Requirements can change just as the planning for future needs.

Most controls are standard PCL5 for a wide variety of printers, HP laser and coherent, including printers from HP, IBM (r), Lexmark, Xerox and other manufacturers. However, PCL5 Paper Source controls exception. Structure PCL5 Paper Source controls are the same for all HP PCL compatible printer, but is used to determine the value of a certain paper tray can vary between manufacturers and even between models of printers from the same manufacturer. Therefore, if the value is proposed for China, especially as a working paper for special printer, then contact the printer manufacturer to find the values necessary for this particular model printer.

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