USB Optical Mouse Driver

Input Device
Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, and XP
Logitech Inc.

USB Optical Mouse is a mouse from Logitech and it connects with computers via their USB ports. The mouse has a quick switch program selector for comfort and control for either hand. The mouse features convenient Internet navigation and high precision scrolling through the Logitech MX Optical Engine. The mouse’s sensor is capable of 800 dpi and allows capturing 4.7 megapixels per second. USB Optical Mouse drivers are important because they act as a liaison between the software component and the hardware component, translating the low-level analog signals from the mouse into higher-level digital signals the computer can understand.

The mouse can work with the generic drivers that come in OS setup CD-ROMs, but Logitech Inc. recommends that you use device-specific drivers because generic drivers only support basic hardware functionalities. USB Optical Mouse drivers have physical layers which communicate with specific driver instances and logical layers for data processing. Optical Mouse drivers facilitate the configuration of the mouse, allowing you to set such things as the pointer speed and the double-click speed.

The drivers carry information on compatible operating systems and other system requirements and this information is used by the OS to facilitate the updating of the drivers for optimized performance and system stability. The drivers also carry and facilitate the retrieval of device and manufacturer details and this information is used by the OS to facilitate the registration of the mouse with Logitech Inc. USB Optical Mouse drivers support the underlying software and the different proprietary applications contained in PC suites from Logitech Inc.

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