T9116D (PCL6) Driver


T9116D (PCL6) PostScript printer is a very popular printing machines. Its PostScript is best to use as a page description language in the field of electronic desktop publishing and known. Concepts of the PostScript language were planted in 1976 when I worked in John Warnock Evans & Sutherland, a famous computer graphics company. At that time John Warnock develops a translator for a period of three large-dimensional graphics database of New York Harbor was. Warnock, in the process aimed at designing a system for the language of graphics. At the same time, researchers at Xerox Park, developed the first laser printer, and recognized the need for a standard means to select the photos page. In 1975/76, a team led by Bob Sproull developed the Press format, which was eventually used in the Xerox Star system for the drive laser. But the press, the form of data, but as a language, and lacking in flexibility, and Park Interpress more efforts to find a successor.

T9116D (PCL6) PostScript printer, laser printers combine the best features of both printers and plotters. Such as plotters, laser printers provides high quality calligraphy and dot-matrix printers, they are able to text message and generate graphics. In contrast to two printers or plotters, but the laser printer allows for the position of high-quality graphics, and text on the same page. Post Script enabled to fully exploit the properties of this language through the provision of control that can be used in any type of printer. Scenario after the bypass module printer control language is the language and complete their own programming. There are many applications can convert a document to the implementation of the PostScript program that will lead in the original document. This program can be sent to the interpreter in the printer, resulting in a printed document, or one in another application, the document on the screen. Since the program document is the same, regardless of the destination, and called for an independent body.

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