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S3 Graphics Chrome 430 GT is a very popular graphics card both for desktop and portable computers. Whilst it was quite expensive to purchase when first came on the market, its prices has dropped since when better performance cards hit the market. S3 is a very reputable mark and inspires trust in the eyes of a computer user. They have a vast range of options which satisfy the needs of a basic computer user as well as those of a hardcore gamer.

The Chrome range by S3 is indeed a state-of-the-art top range system performance accelerator. It optimizes video for top notch performance both locally and online. For cheaper budget, one can choose other graphics card though, maybe not necessarily the 430 GT. Other similar companies which provide great video cards are NVIDIA and RADEON.

In few words, an S3 graphics card can be the ideal solution for every gamer who wants to reduce video lag as much as possible and removes a lot of strain from the main machine. By working gigabit to screen background & workstation, numerous benefits have been achieved for network administrators and for end users. No latency is no longer an unattainable feat; it has been a reality that has been being achieved since few years already.

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