Netelligent 10T PCI UTP Controller Driver

8.6 Mb

Netelligent Controller 10T PCI card network interface, network adapter, network interface controller (National Investment Company), or LAN adapter is a computer component designed to allow computers to communicate over a computer network. This is OSI layer 1 (physical layer) and Layer 2 (data link layer) device, they also provide physical access to secondary networks and provides a low level response of the system through the use of addresses to the MAC. This allows users to communicate with each other or by using cables or wirelessly. Despite the presence of other networking technologies, Ethernet has achieved near-ubiquitous since the mid-1990s. Every Ethernet network card has a 48-bit unique serial number called the address of the Military Armistice Commission, which is stored in CD-ROM that on the card. Every computer on the Ethernet network must have a card with a unique MAC address. Is usually safe to assume that there are two network cards to share the same title, because the vendors buy a card processing blocks from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and assigned a unique address for each card at the time of production.

Netelligent 10T control project UTP network interface controller (National Investment Company) is the organ which deals with the interface to the computer and allows the network device capable of accessing the network. National Investments Company is a machine-ROM that contains a number of media is a unique access control (MAC) Address burned it. MAC address unique local network device. National Investments Company exists in both ‘physical layer’ (layer 1) and ‘data link layer’ (layer 2) of the OSI model. Sometimes expressed in terms of control ‘and’ cards’ are used interchangeably when talking about networks of National Investments Company and is the most common network interface card. Although the “card” is more common, is less concerned. Controlling ‘may take the form of a network card that is installed inside the computer, or it could indicate an embedded part of the computer motherboard, a router, and the expansion card, and printer interface or a USB.

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