Matrox Epica TC2-Lite Driver

Graphics Card
Windows XP, Windows XPe & Windows Vista

Matrox Epica TC2-Lite is specifically designed for thin computers or systems which need really tiny components. Epica series graphics cards are innovative, new, server-based software from Matrox that were designed to manage multi-display configurations in remote sessions.

These graphics cards are cost-effective and support up to 2 digital or analog monitors at a time. The Matrox Epica TC2-Lite is designed for maximum compatibility and flexibility. They have been designed for general use but useful for slots found in most modern computers, which are two low-profile shape fits in perfectly with a wide variety of systems.

For more reliability, Epica cards are equipped with passive fanless cooling devices and a single Matrox graphics chip is designed to control all the necessities. As stated above, this state of the art technology is very useful for top-end computers too.

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