EOS D60 Driver


EOS D60 features are displayed in the preview window can be displayed in different sizes, choose from: [appropriate box], [25%], [50%], [100%] or [200%]. And protect the image can now be placed or removed by using shortcut keys. If the camera is set to record RAW and JPEG images when shooting, you can choose any of these to display in the preview window.

Add the numbers to view thumbnails in the main window. Provision mapping file in Windows appear in the box [Preferences] dialog. Reform of this device and found the problem in the lines EOS Viewer 1.1.0/1.2.0 gray municipality that can occur in some parts of the raw images captured by the EOS 20D at ISO 1600 or higher in the later, and displayed in the preview window EVU (or converted and stored).

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