EOS-1D Mark II Driver


EOS – 1D Mark II software is equipped with a function that the data for the lens peripheral illumination correction can be recorded in the camera. The software is equipped with a function of the author that the information can be set and enforced by the cameras. Software to have a job to click on the Edit button in the middle of the road (to start the F /] and processes). Method include the process move the cursor to the button exchange of fire in the capture window. There are Arabic remote / central select button added. After that I decided to be in the middle after the close button in the middle of the road, and the conditions and organization of the armed forces Abdul Latif is preserved.

EOS – 1D Mark II software (a quick way / mode to Live / Live Face Detection mode) during the Live View shooting and AF frame display and function are included. There is a check box to display and point of view of the expansion of 200%. There are improvements in the specification to capture the window. After the Live View button to fire has been designed to focus, and the Viewer window, a quick preview, and test the movement, which appeared previously as symbols listed in the other key functions. The device requires a 1.3GH Pentium or faster, 1 GB RAM or more.

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