Dell 1230c Color Laser Printer Driver

Windows 2000, NT, XP, 2003, Vista, and 2008

Dell 1230c Color Laser Printer is a color-capable laser printer from Dell Inc. The printer has a plain-text printing speed of 17 pages per minute and a top graphics speed of 4 pages per minute. The printer has a processor that runs at 375 MHz and for this processor and all the printer components and accessories to connect to the computer, drivers are required. The printer connects to the computer via USB 2.0 connection and this plus other interfaces and the different technologies, standards, and protocols that the printer uses are translated for the computer by the device drivers.

The correct Dell 1230c Color Laser Printer drivers work by invoking routines in calling programs and calling programs invoking routines in them after which they issue commands to the printer. Dell 1230c Color Laser Printer drivers connect to the printer through the communications subsystem to which the printer connects. These drivers can be abstracted into physical and logical layers with the physical layers facilitating communication between the hardware components and the software components and the logical layers processing data.

This particular printer has a print resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi, but you can configure this as well as change such things as the print speed and the color temperature with the support of drivers. These drivers support the Dell Toner Management System used by the printer and the different device features such as the printer’s manual duplex feature. Drivers in general facilitate the retrieval of information on Dell Inc, the printer, and compatibility information. This information is used by the OS for registration purposes and to facilitate the updating of the drivers.

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