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CX430, Colombia ranks of the configuration line as the most significant change in the design and December stacked in dial-up the situation inside the ISO dial the right to operate the route and added the line of exposure compensation on the left. It retains the four-way toggle (for manual focus, macro, and a Flash Drive) with the function / set nested within the navigation wheel on the back. Despite that focus, measurement, presentation and menu buttons remain in the same position, they now design and odd angles. Overall, I like change, and fire CX430 is a quick, comfortable and fluid. Optical viewfinder is relatively large and without distortion, making it a completely usable. While giving Colombia CX430 improved wide-angle coverage, it takes the total zoom range. At least it does not lift the things I liked in the G9 – integrated neutral density filter, two slots on the dial to set custom settings, and the ability to change the size of the region in Arabic, and footwear, and exposure lock, and support materials, and bayonet adapter – which help to distinguish between Canon G10 as an amateur.

CX430, Colombia, with a mixed performance in comparison to the G9. For the first time in a rapid fire 1.3 seconds is faster than 1.7 – CX430 start of the second. In bright light, and helps you focus on the relatively fast shutter lag to a zippy against 0.4 in the second division held. In the dim light, the more than 0.8 seconds. Both are improvements over its predecessor. Two shots in a row has a decent interval 2.2 seconds, slightly slower than the G9 in 2 seconds and adding flash recycle bumps that are not quite the fast 2.9 seconds. Continuous shooting is 1.4fps compared CX430 1.7fps. Arabic system is fairly respond, although no one confuse this with the SLR. 3-inch large and bright, but it takes a lot of power, camera evaluation of the 1050mAh battery is only 400 rounds with them, but 1000 without them.

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