Creative SoundFont Synthesizer Driver

Sound and Multimedia
Windows 2000, NT, XP and Vista
7.34 MB

Creative SoundFont Synthesizer is an audio device. SoundFont is a brand name that collectively refers to a file format and associated technology designed to bridge the gap between recorded and synthesized audio, especially for the purposes of computer music composition. Creative SoundFont Synthesizer requires drivers to function because the modem and the OS operate at two different levels. Drivers are small utility programs that interpret the high-level commands from the OS into a language the modem can understand. These are small utilities from Creative and their main function is interfacing the hardware components with the software components.

Creative SoundFont Synthesizer drivers work by invoking routines in calling programs and calling programs invoking routines in them so that they can issue commands to the device. This device has logical layers for data processing and physical layers which facilitate communication between the audio device and the OS, between the audio device and other devices such as speakers, and between the different components making up the audio device. If you install the correct driver it will facilitate the configuration of the audio device.

The drivers extract device and manufacturer details and this information is then used by the computer to facilitate the registration of the audio card with Creative. These drivers are available in Creative’s website and in the PC suite provided by the manufacturer. Creative SoundFont Synthesizer drivers also carry information that facilitates the updating of the drivers. These updates are important because they lead to optimized performance and increased system stability. The drivers support the different device features and they also support the software and the applications that are contained in the supplied PC suite.

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