Bluetooth SYNC Driver

Windows 7, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows Vista x64

The Bluetooth SYNC can be used to synchronize your calendar and address information (such as personal information manager items) between any bluetooth devices connected to the computer. A good example is a group of PCs (or notebooks) in a wireless connection to “master” computer or network access point. This will include remote access from the “master” PC. SYNC defines two roles, IrMC IrMC server and client. IrMC Server is a device which provides object exchange server. Normally this device a mobile phone or PDA. IrMC Client is the device with a sync engine and pulls and pushes the PIM data to and from the server IrMC. Normally, the client device IrMC one PC. Baseband, LMP and L2CAP are the OSI layer 1 and 2 Bluetooth protocols.

RFCOMM is the Bluetooth adaptation of GSM TS 07.10. SDPis the Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol. OBEX is the Bluetooth adaptation of IrOBEX. IrMC Theclient level, the body of synchronization processing according IrMC IrMC specification and the server is the server software meets the requirements of IrMC.  Bluetooth Sync application file specifies the requirements for the application for Bluetooth devices are required to support the use of model synchronization. The requirements are expressed in terms of end user services, and the characteristics and actions that are necessary for compatibility between Bluetooth devices synchronization in the use of the form. File Synchronization, defines the requirements for the protocols and procedures that are used by applications to use a form of synchronization. This situation uses a comprehensive exchange of the file (GOEP) specify the requirements for the interoperability of protocols, applications that need it. The devices most commonly used of these models can be used by notebook computers, PDAs and mobile phones

The joint work between devices of different manufacturers for a particular service provided and, if the model was identical to that used by the Bluetooth SIG specifications specific profile. Profile shows a series of messages and procedures (generally referred to as skills) by the Bluetooth SIG specifications, and gives a clear description of the air interface in a specific services and forms.

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