Acer AF715 Driver

Windows 98 & 2000

The Acer AF715 monitors are natural flat CFT 17″ color monitor with 1280 x 1024 resolution at 85Hz refresh rate. The display is of high quality with flicker free screen. Its dot itch of 0.25mm provides excellent image reproduction compared to the distortions seen in older and much bigger monitors with curved screens. It has a 50Hz~160Hz vertical scan frequency and a 30Hz~98Hz horizontal scan frequency along with a 200MHz Video Bandwidth RGB Analogue Signal. it has an 120W power consumption.

Acer AF715 is an excellent clear and sharp monitor which does all that’s claimed for and much more at an reasonable cost and works for a long time without causing any problems. The OSD controls allow virtually every possible contingency to be catered for and work well within the monitors maximum and minimum frequencies. Excellent after sales on-site service is coupled with this monitor, which is not really necessary.

The bundled software is not of much use since the windows generic drivers are enough to detect it as an external monitor hardware and display the images. This Acer monitor is covered under international 3 years warranty which covers all the parts including the screen and the backlight.

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